What the Wicked Witch of the West did on Rainy Days

The wicked witch of the west sat in her basement grouchily It was raining.

“I hate water!” She grumbled

A drop of water dripped from the ceiling and fell into the puddle in the corner. The witch shuddered.

“At least it’s better than being fatally allergic to fire! " She sneered as she thought of her sister freezing her stupid pretty butt off during the winter

The wicked witch sighed. And began to take on a more serene side

“Why do me and my sister have to suffer so?” she thought “In the summer I fry in the winter she freezes.”

The truth was the wicked witch of the west was actually the good witch. She was persecuted for her ugliness and her short temper. Her and her sister were polar opposites. Or almost polar opposites.

“How can she get away with being so evil?”

The witch sat back in her chair and almost felt tears well up in her eyes. She smartened up quickly

“It’s not fair she can tell all these people to follow the yellow brick road and have her servant boy Oz send them here to try and kill me!”

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