The Rain stops a Scheme begins

The next day the rain stopped. The wicked witch returned from the basement with a hat and a plan. She always wore her hat in case a freak rain shower were to happen; it was a wide-brimmed hat so she was safe from basic aquatic harm.

The hat was an old musty black hat, once it had a luxirous cone shape but due to disuse it had become a more crumpled hat than she would have liked. She would have gotten rid of it if the hat wasn’t so rare, black hat’s were a rare commodity in Oz and her favorite color was black.

The Wicked Witch of the West sat down at her planning desk. The smooth wood was perfect for accurate map based invasion plans.

“Ok first thing to do is make a to-do list.”

1) Banish Oz from Oz
2) Maim Sister (Won’t be too much of a loss if she dies though)
3) Repaint the yellow brick road black

The Wicked Witch smiled in a way that complimented her ugliness extremely.

“I think this will work.” She said happily

She summoned the The Captain of the Guard.

“Execute this plan to the letter.”

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