When the Bomb Drops

“Man when I thought dating the leader of a gang of assassins was sexy I was frickin dumb!” I thought as I jumped out of my apartment window

It was only on the second floor so I landed fairly well.

“You coward! You left me for that blonde slut I’ll kill you!” my Ex yelled

A small blinking projectile through out of the broken window.

“Oh Go-”

There was a deafening explosion and smoke began to fly everywhere.

“What is she doing? That blonde was my sister!” I thought

There is no reasoning with an assassin. They deal often with bloody whining people begging for their lives. The basic rule is survive the initial onslaught and then explain. If you don’t survive…well tough luck.

A silver flash struck through the air in front of me.

“You brought your frickin katana!”

“What else should I break a cheater’s heart with? A blonde?!” She screamed

The deadly blade curved again but this time hit me square across the chest; leaving a long red stripe. I fell to my knees.

She gasped realizing what she had done.

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