Fear Reversed: Hope

We stood on the step into my dorm room. He was still taller than me, still able to easily wrap his arms around me to make me feel at peace. His eyes were still a liquid blule and his hair the same shade of brown as mine.

We were gazing into each other’s eyes. His smile was breathtaking and irresistable; I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Thank you for taking me out tonight, Jack. It was really nice, I’ve enjoyed myself.”

It had been awhile since we had talked. It was luck, fate, that had brought us back together. I couldn’t still the race of my heart when I was around him. We had both changed, we learned that at dinner, but people change and grow over time. Our souls were still they same inside.

He started to say something, but I cut him off. I rose on my tiptoes and kissed his lips. When I started to pull away his arms wrapped around me, pulling me into him. I rested my head against his chest as tears formed in my eyes. I breathed in his scent and fouond comfort in his body, in the place I was meant to be.

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