Becoming Sophia (46)

“Georgette?” I cleared my throat.

“Marina!” She smiled brightly. “It’s so good to see you up and about!” I didn’t know how to respond so I only smiled. “Are you hungry, mon chere?” I nodded and Georgette sent the serving girl on hand to go fetch me something from the kitchen. I stood awkwardly in the room, staring at my things before Georgette patted the bed and motioned for me to sit with her.

I sat, my eyes still transfixed on my mother’s dress when Georgette startled me out of my trance. She brushed a lock of hair away from my face, like my father used to and smiled as though she knew something about me I had yet to see. “Now, Miss Trelisca, would you like to tell me how you came to be dressed in rags and nearly frozen near my estate with this fine dress tucked in a satchel on your back?” She raised an eyebrow and I blushed. Should I tell her the whole story? I hesitated. Should I tell her the truth?

I met her eyes again and stared into her eyes. I saw danger…but I still told her the truth.

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