The little things

She looked for a job day and night until she couldn’t. Her arms were tired, her feet throbbing, her mind drained, there was nothing left, but her. She came to sit down & rest at the table before beginning dinner.

A single mother she had been out of work for almost a month now. If she didn’t get a job soon… she wasn’t sure what she would do. Her head hung a little lower. She sighed listening to faint laughter coming from the bedroom down the hall. A reluctant smile edged her lips as she headed back,

“What are you two up to? Are you hungry yet?” she asked. “Josephinee, Mark..??” she called as she rounded the doorway. Entering the room, reluctance gave way and her lips caved into a wide smile. Tears threatening in her eyes.

They sat crowded around Josie’s little tea table.

Mark had made sandwiches and held out a PB&J with chips to her while Josephine ran up to give her a picture she had drawn.

“Here mommy,” she said “I drew you a job…”
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