The Life Source

Eden poked the knife slowly in her skin and began to etch a drawing. Her cry’s were barely muffled by the gag in her mouth.

“Oh yes my pretty girl. Your convulsions are most unlady-like.” Eden whispered “Would you like me to cut somewhere else.”

The girl’s eyes were full of tears and hatred.

“I don’t even know this freak!” She thought imbetween the fiery peircing pains coming from her back.

“Your life force is very pretty. You understand why I am doing this right?” Eden whispered evilly

Eden stared into to her hate-filled eyes.

“I do this because you remind me of her.” He whispered angrily “Everything about you! Your hair, your eyes, your smile!”

The girl trembled.

“I will kill you bastard! If I live through this I will will kill you!” she thought

The cuts on her back were in squares and circles, polygons and octagons. It was beautiful and perfect in a sinister kind of a way. The pattern led all the way to a focal point.

Her neck.

I will take your life source. And it will put my mind at ease.

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