Lyri Trent

Lyri straightened her outfit and looked out the window of her apartment. She didn’t quite understand why she dressed herself so well when she was going somewhere that she’d have to change anyway, but she did it. She didn’t understand herself sometimes.

She made her way down the stairs and hailed a cab, on her way to her performance. The cab driver was normal, and didn’t seem to recognize her. He did give her a smile after she stepped out, but honestly, she was dressed extremely well and expected such.

She ran into the building, realizing she was borderlining being late for her own show. She dashed into the dressing room, threw on the outfit she was supposed to wear for the performance—cursing the tightness of the leather that hadn’t quite broken in the entire time—and dashed to the wings, ready to make her entrance. She heard them chanting her name.

Welcome to the world of Lyri Trent, escape artist.

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