And Then the Return.

She’d had to work the rust out of the lock before her key had finally worked. She stepped in with a sigh and tossed her bag to the side and sneezed as dust rose up and tickled her nose.

“Where…?” her voice trailed off as she looked at the condition of the room. There was trash everywhere! Donuts on the floor, Twizzlers on the wall, a crown covered in pumpkin goop with toothpicks poking out, a round boulder on a mountain of dirty laundry, Halloween decorations scattered here and there and a rat sitting in a corner nibbling on a silver teacup.

“What-?” Eyes went wide as she looked through the room and went through the trash. Some of it was starting to grow mold now, especially the insides of the Mountain Dew cans.

“I’ve been missing for a bit too long.” She stated to herself with a sigh as she picked up a platypus plushie. She wiped some crumbs off of its head before she placed it on the top of her head. “Why does everything smell like… chocolate mint ice cream?”

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