Today we are real, and not on a screen.

We are not cool. We don’t know what we’re doing, really, and if we do know we’re not sure if it will work. We can’t remember important things sometimes, we have to write stuff down a lot and the more organized of us use a planner. We go to the bathroom several times a day, and it is wholly uneventful. But sometimes it’s a nice quiet time to think for a moment. Sometimes we have the wholly wrong idea about other people, sometimes we come up with a plan and it fails miserably before it can even get off the ground. Our hair does not look the same, or even look good, with any consistency. When we get into arguments, our feelings get really hurt and them sometimes we just drop it without resolving anything. We have things that we wish for but never pursue. We always regret the past but never tell anybody. We can act superior and feel inferior at the same time. We do not survive disasters heroically. We do not change in 90 degree angles. We do not show our true selves by any means, and we don’t really know how.

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