Scorn: The Secret Official Meeting

There was only one long table set up down there now, right in the center of the huge room. And around it sat a group that made my heart pound.

Business suits, army formal wear, and pristine haired individuals with thick stapled stacks of papers in front of each one. This is why we were sent to bed early! I snuck down the back stairs to the kitchens, and crawled out on the dining floor to listen.

“The war still rages, and there are more orphans every day. We can’t house them all. Despite the efforts of Mr. Newport, we can’t keep funding this!”
“The public needs it! This is the only bright spot in their eye. If we close it, they will go completely insane. We’re talking civil war here. Forget the terrorists! We’ll be defending our own Capitol!”
“Well, who’s going to fund this? The government is removing funding. End of story.”

A woman finally spied me, but decided I was there to beg for morsels from their buffet in the corner, and ignored me. I looked like a common vagabond, I’d ignore me too.

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