Series of mine you might have missed!

Here are a few series that I think people might be interested…. If they could ever find them. XD Seeing that most people aren’t going to go through my whole published stories list I think these series you might find interesting.

Wildcard: The randomest hero of them all

The Legacy of the Silent Storm (This one is newish but few people have seen it)

Zombie Secret Agents, Explosions and Sexy Vampires (People just seem to have forgotten about this one, I made a few other sequels since the last comments. Write comments for me to continue or otherwise I usually stop thinking no one is reading it.)

Give Me Five Days (My first try at something with any romance in it. rofl)

What if Otario was upstaged by Luiti? (My Super Mario Parody)

If you like what you see just leave a comment on the nearest popular ficly. Don’t be afraid to suggest changes! :D

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