Facing the Evil

The Incarnation of Fear and Evil stood in front of Me.

The game was on.

The Fight for whether my Mother would live was on.

The deal was if I could defeat these two entities my Mother would live and I would be granted unimaginable power.

I was floating in darkness holding a simple piece of paper in my hands. On the paper was written: Sophia Williams. That was my mothers name. The goal was to protect this paper from Fear and Evil and defeat them by destroying there papers.

I was given the weapon of my choice, out of any medieval weapon; fact or fiction. Since I was not an avid reader I simply made up a weapon that I knew would be real.

The Sword of the Moon

You may call me a fool but all my life I have been enchanted by the moon.

How it drifts imbetween the light and the dark. The good and the evil. Sometimes it is dark, sometimes it is not.

Just like Humans.

I wanted the weapon that represented my self.

A hyena’s evil cackling laugh filled the air.

The Game was afoot.

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