Marshal Law

Bella Marshall turned on the tenth step and fired.

Her bullet flew true, burying itself in Turner’s thigh. The man screamed and clucthed at his leg. Bella kept her guns drawn in case his buddies got any bright ideas. She had found that men got pretty sore about being shot by a female gunslinger.

A bullet whizzed past her ear. Bella threw herself to the ground and shot the three men who had gathered around Turner. She hit two of them in the shoulder and the third in the stomach. Bella normally didn’t shoot to kill but if she didn’t leave one of them dead then they would think her soft.

“You fella’s about done yet?” she asked, getting to her feet.

“They’re done.” Sheriff Straw was standing behind her with a Winchester slung casually over his shoulder. His deputy looked a touch twitchier, his Winchester levelled at Bella’s chest. “I told you if I ever saw you again I’d kill you myself.”

Bella smiled. “And I told you, you could try.”

A gentle breeze picked up as they stared at one another.

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