The Vixen

Floating gently in the pool, Brie ‘s fair hair spread around her full, moon-shaped face. She was quite plain looking – a poor freshman border who had taken refuge in my aunt’s two bedroom semi. Although I came to my aunt’s house often, I had never been there alone with Brie before; my aunt kept the both of us well distracted. Today, I sat and watched her float, my aunt nowhere in sight. Just as I stood up to return inside, Brie came out of the water and sat on a chair, locking her eyes into mine.
And then I couldn’t break away. I tried as hard as I could, but I couldn’t tear away from the gaze of those piercing, indigo eyes. A small smile played on her rosy lips, daring me to try harder.
Suddenly, instead of trying to escape, I wanted to lean in. She tilted her head back, exposing the soft patch of shimmering skin below her jaw, as I moved forward and hungrily touched my lips triumphantly to her neck.
With a lust I had never felt before, I let her take over – poor, unsuspecting prey to an experienced vixen.

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