Ten Doors Down

She walked down the hall, looking for her friend.
“Three halls forward and to the right.” A voice came over her headset.
She walked forward, dread filled her gut. This had been far too easy so far and now that she was in the belly of the beast she realized they only had a plan for how to get in, not how to get out.
“Ten doors to your right.” The voice came again.
Twelve soldiers had been following her since she got out of the elevator.
Her spy in the control room said that her teammate was being held in the barracks. Odd area to hold a captive.
Two, three, four.
She reasoned with herself that she wasn’t being followed. They were returning from work, this is where they lived.
Five, six.
One turned at his door and unlocked it, heading in. She passed another door.
A soldier went in.
Eight, nine.
There were still more of them than she would have liked.
The door unlocked loudly. Opening the door, her heart sank.
“I knew you’d come to me.”
Her teammate, her traitor, stood inside, ready to kill.

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