Struggling with Personal Fear

I stopped running suddenly.

“I can’t let fear control me! My Mom wasn’t afraid and I can’t afford to be either!” I thought

As I stopped, once again turned towards the paintings.

They were still moving.

They showed me running down the hallway and suddenly being confronted by a black blob. The blob consumed me and a picture of my mother’s grave appeared.

“NO!” I shouted as I slashed at the painting.

My sword got caught in the painting and suddenly was being pulled by it. I pulled as hard as I could but the sword disappeared from my grip into the painting. Without any hesitation I leaped into the panting after it.

Splash! I had landed into a dark black pool. The stuff was thick had a substance like jelly. Remembering the paintings I began to panic. But then I saw my sword laying on the top of the gelatin not to far from me.

The sword in it’s glittering beauty encouraged me to be brave in an almost physical or emotional way. I reached for the sword

Now with the sword in my hand my confidence was back.

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