Seeing the Sword of Moons Potential

Suddenly the black pool began to bubble and froth. I tightened my grip on the Sword of the Moon.

The sword abruptly turned from heavenly white to the pool’s darkness.

I swung the sword experimentally hoping for something to happen to save me from this predicament.

The muck suddenly began to drift downwards. My feet abruptly touched the bottom of the pool.

“Where did all that muck go?” I thought “It just disappeared!”

I stared at the sword. The dark part of the blade seemed to be rippling like water. But it really the blackness was just shifting to make it seem as he were staring at the rippling surface of a lake.

“You had to make things difficult didn’t you.” A low voice muttered disdainfully

I turned around.

*In front of me was a large black three-headed dog which looked like Cerebrus."

The dog growled.

“Put the sword down.” The Heads said at the same in the voice of my Mother.

“Why did the dog care about the weapon at all?” I thought

I lifted the sword defensively.

The Dog leaped.

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