The Lights Glimmered In Her Eyes

The rain fell heavy, the smell of smoke, metal and a rainstorm oddly blended together. Tragedy loomed the night air. The shouting of firemen and and policemen were almost drowned by the rain. The scramble around the two crushed cars was an almost organized chaos. A man stumbled out of one of the cars and was immeadiately seized by a policemen. The main focus was on the other car, in which a young woman was pinned.

They tilted her head back and opened her eyelids. The lights of the night glimmered in her eyes. It was almost as if you could see the life exit her body, her innocent soul escape the pinned car leaving it’s earthly casing pinned in the car.

They free the girl and bring her to the ambulance, where they tried to restore life to her body. With each “Clear!” was almost as if they tried to coax the soul back into the body.
Now her eyes just mirrored the lights, showing what once was and what could have been. Another young life lost to drunk driving, he drank, she suffered the consequences.

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