A Mysterious Aspect of the Sword

“Crap on Crap on Crap!” I thought

Things were looking grim for me now. With a nose that big the dog would easily sniff me out! I clutched tightly onto the sword knowing that I only had a short time until confrontation.

“This sword obviously has some power… Can it glow?” I thought

I concentrated intensely on lighting up the sword.

No dice.

“Duh! The moon doesn’t produce as much light as we see from earth. The moon reflects light from the sun!” I muttered “Maybe it can-”

The Sword began to glow. A slurping sound began to fill the air and converge. The dog growled. With a loud swoosh and a wet sound the dog went splat up against the wall.

“It worked! I hold the sword holds a gravitational effect on objects nearby!” I screamed

The dog whined some and quickly scampered away.

“That was easy. Too easy.” I thought as I skulked after the dog

“It couldn’t have been an aspect of fear? Could it? It certainly wasn’t evil or the fight would have been much more challenging. Not that the battle was easy.”

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