Winter Harvest

He descended his basement stairs and entered his workroom. It had lain untouched for months, but now that winter had reared its ugly head, there was work to do.
Approaching the deep-freeze, the light glinted off the surgical instruments, catching his eye. Order and precision was what he had always been known for. But he longed to be recognized for more than his neat cuts and rare mistakes.
He opened the freezer and reached into the darkness, pulling out a gurney covered with a sheet. Positioning the table as to unsure optimal lighting, he flicked the sheet back, revealing a naked woman.
She had been dead for many months, but her body still had a purpose.
He opened her up, harvesting her organs. He cleaned each carefully and prepared them for implantation.
He carried the heavy tray to the back door, throwing it open.
In a snow-covered flower bed next to the house, he buried each organ, knowing this time he had the right formula. He knew this time that the organs would prosper and multiply.

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