Final rejection (break-up challenge)

“I’m sorry Juan, it just doesn’t feel right anymore.” He looks at her, slack-jawed. “But, what about, about that…” She cuts him off “I don’t want to discuss it anymore, we’re finished!”

“No, I was going to ask about that flap on the side of your head. I’m sure I can see things moving in there…” he marvels.

“Oh bother, I forgot to fasten the containment hatch. Dammit! Sorry that you had to find out this way Juan. I am part of an advance guard taking over the planet. We are seeding ourselves in the top echelons of society, gradually wresting power away from you fallible beings.”

“What are you talking about?” he screams “I love you, god dammit! Even with those weird pulsing marshmallows in your skull!”

“I’m sorry, I wish it could be different” she states calmly. A silvery cloud is emitted from her left nostril and engulfs Juan. With a muffled scream, he is dissolved into his component parts, harvested.

She answers the phone. “Hello? Oh, I’m sorry, he is not here right now. He is so unfocused nowadays.”

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