One Year Too Late

It was our one year anniversery and he was sitting 4 rows in front of me in the auditorium. I smiled to myself and leaned against my chair. One year! I need to get him something! I thought. The lights dimmed as the guest speaker came on stage. He was an old family friend and he came to talk to my high school about his book Choose Courtesy. He got to a part in his speech where he needed two volunteers. Then, looking right at me he said “Kendall, don’t slouch. Come up here with your boyfriend. Tom right?” I walked up to the stage with Tom and looked at him and smiled as we sat on stage. He looked uneasy as Dr. Fozi told me to explain our relationship. I answered the questions as did he. When we walked back to our seats, I cooed “Oh wasn’t that fun? Happy one year by the way.”
“Kendall,” he started.
“Where do you want to go tonight?” I said ignoring him.
“Kendall,” He repeated
“Oh, you have band practice. Well that’s ok.”
“I don’t love you anymore!” He spat. He didn’t notice that his microphone was still on.

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