Don't Blink

Dirt blew up in the space between them, as though trying to clear the way. Neither dropped their gaze as it flitted around them. The awkward deputy made a futile attempt at blinking the dust from his eyes, and his gun arm flinched as he clearly struggled with the urge to brush his sleeve across his face.

Bella inhaled deeply before speaking.

“I just want what’s mine. Turner here needed a lesson in personal property.”

She smirked at the man now sprawled on the ground, clutching his leg and looking up at Bella in horror.

“She’s insane, Sheriff! I think she killed Charlie! She’s out of her mind, take her in!” His voice bordered on hysterics as he pointed an accusatory finger at her.

Bella tilted her head at Sheriff Straw, shrugging in a manner that said, “Give it a shot.” Straw continued to watch her, looking almost amused.

“You’ve left me no choice.” He said, the malicious glint in his eye betraying his apologetic tone.

Bella simply nodded. She saw his fingers twitch over the holster at his side.

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