Last Chance

It happened in an instant.

Before Straw could lift his gun, Bella let off two rounds. One hit the sheriff’s hand, which immediately dropped the gun and flew up in protest. The other hit his shoulder, knocking him backwards to the ground. His head hit hard earth and he lay still.

Ignoring the stupefied deputy, Bella swiftly dropped her now empty pistols and turned, removing two more from shoulder holsters beneath her coat. She faced the remaining men of Turner’s brood and fired twice more, effectively relieving them of their guns. As she suspected, they made a hasty retreat.

Turner sat alone now next to Charlie’s lifeless body, looking panic stricken. Bella mentally rolled her eyes at his pathetic display, walking up to him and speaking plainly.

“Hand it over and I’ll let you walk with just the one bullet in your leg.”

Turner merely stared in terror at the gun in his face. Bella heard movement behind her, which meant Sheriff Straw was coming to. She needed to act fast.

“Last chance, Turner.”

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