{Utopia} Radical Yellow Duck

Radical Yellow Duck.

Those three words form a name, a connection, which implies a deep bond between the man behind the machine and the machinations of his impressively powerful mind.

Radical Yellow Duck first came to my attention when he sequeled a work that I had written way back when I had first joined Ficly; the chain of stories that followed (to which he added quite a bit of excellent storyline, I might add) grew to become one of the largest on the site. As I got to know him, my eyes were opened to just how wonderful he was.

Here was a man who had encountered more in his life than many do in several generations, who was well-versed in all sorts of knowledge, who was gifted with the written word, and who was willing to share all this with others—and especially me.

Radical Yellow Duck.

The three words of his name are the callsign of a superhuman.

Radical Yellow Duck.

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