Touch (Come and Go)

The overlap is imprecise, but exquisite; as perfect as any thought we share-
hearts beating, the pair divided but occupying the same space;
feeling you inhabit me, limbs and chest and all, your mind in mine,
mine in yours.

Distance is great.
and a thousand miles there and back is a sickness, the plague of space
a failure of fate and of life; the chance of being raised a house apart, greater than any other;
only in heaven do events bend toward each other so.

A simple touch – you and I
such a simple thing feels world-ending, impossible
without the world crashing down around us. All of this time past,
never having known you and knowing you since forever began

and still you are. We tread heaven and hell, meeting in between
and since that is what we have, we fight our own currents
we push against gravity, together and apart
we defy every common idea, every law and theory that holds reality together

for each other.

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