The Map

Turner’s eyes bulged but he didn’t move.

“I don’t have time for this.” Bella adjusted her aim, levelled her pistol at his crotch and cocked the gun. “Hand it over or your visits to the brothel are going to be a lot less exciting.”

That got him moving. Turner yanked a worn piece of paper out of his pocket and held it out. Bella looked at it before she disappeared it into her coat. She smiled at Turner.

“Nice doing business with you,” she said.

The sound of boots scraping in the dirt told her that Straw was up a moment too late. He shot from the hip, low and inaccurate but he caught her a glancing blow on the calf. Bella flinched.

“Too little too late Sheriff,” she said, turning her guns on him.

Bella might have finished him off there and then if his deputy hadn’t chosen that moment to act. He struck her on the back with the butt of his Winchester, sending her to the ground.

Bella heard something crack before she blacked out.

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