Her or I?

Your too loyal to comply,
with the wishes of thy heart.
So now all I can do is sit and sigh,
as I prepare to depart.

Last night was the first time,
that a guy has ever held my hand.
Could it mean that I’m,
ready to move on to never never land?

I hope not,
because I am so not over you.
But the chances of being with you are a long shot,
who knew?

My friend says to just tell you what I want,
but what I want is to selfish to say.
You probably want it up and out front,
but what if you turn away?

You should know by now what i’d want,
You know that I’d bad at being upfront.
Thats what started this mess,
Should we give it a rest?

I’m sad that I love you,
because I’m torn if I should move on.
I’ve been standing here for so long that I’m covered in dew,
That I feel like a stupid moron.

I want you to be happy,
what if your happy with me?
And what if you feel crappy,
when your with she?

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