It All Comes Out Behind Bars

When she came to she was not surprised to find herself behind bars. Straw was sitting by his desk, watching her. Bella pushed herself up into a sitting position and smiled at him.
“Your boy did a real fine job,” she said. “Reckon he cracked a rib.”
“He’s your boy too,” Straw said.
“Now John Straw, why would you tell a lie like that?” Bella cocked her head to one side.
“Why’s this map so important to you?”
Bella’s smile disappeared in an instant. She looked at the piece of paper he was holding, her eyes wide with desire and anger.
“Give it me John. Give it me or there’ll be blood.”
“There already has been!” John bellowed. “Yours and mine. Now what the hell is so important about this map?!”
Bella glowered at him. “The men who killed Bill are there. The fools are looking for gold that’s already been had.”
“You’re still chasing them?”
“He was my kid brother John!”
“I’m your husband!” he snapped. “You act like that means nothing. Like your son means nothing.”
“I’ve been gone so long he can’t hardly miss me.”

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