Finding Love / Moving On (Part Two)

There’s a guy who wants to date me,
Should I stay or should I flee?
What happens if I’m taken and you are single?
I wish me and you could mingle.

Why did this happen to us?
I wish we could discuss,
What we want for our lives.
I feel so deprived,
Without you.
I don’t want to say Adieu.
You still have my heart,
Please don’t break it apart.

I wish I didn’t hope for things that are not mine,
If there is a chance for us in the near future, give me a sign.
But if you want to marry this girl,
Cut me loose, tell me to curl.
Into a ball, and just forget,
Do you regret-
me and you, you and I — us?
I don’t want to make a fuss.

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