A Birth of Consequence


The doctor said forcefully over my grunts and gasps for breath. “One more time Kelly, One big push and it will all be over.”

The contractions ripped forward from my spine as I leaned forward and gave the final push bringing my child into this beautiful world. “Yes! That did it. A beautiful healthy little girl.”

I looked up at him. He was looking at his new baby girl with wide eyes. I could see the joy in his face as he turned to look at me. Then I saw something else. His eyes watered with unreleased tears.

“I’ve always wanted to be a father.”

I felt my heart swell with an unbelievable joy as I looked at my new family. I felt warm tears slowly fall from the corners of my eyes. I squeezed his hand as he leaned in to kiss my forehead as we sat together in this pocket of radiant bliss. He placed his cheek next to mine and whispered.

“I know you cheated on me you miserable whore. I know that is not my child. I hope you and my brother rot in hell.” He then stood and walked out.

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