The Challenge

“I can’t do it!!” Amanda said.
Thomas stood over her, connected to the neural projector, “There is no one else, Mandy, that CAN do it. You have to close the door,”
“I can’t!!!”
“Then, we’re fucked!”
Mandy read through the code; a computer generated reality. There was no sunshine. No, blue ocean. No, crisp, clean air.
Only death.
“How can you expect me to be THIS?” Mandy shouted at the darkness..
“Wake up, for God sake, and realize you’re not in a dream!” Thomas screamed, “I’m not real!”
“Of course you are!”
“I am NOT!”
“You are real!”
“I am YOUR voice, Mandy, trying to tell you that you can do this!”
Cancer ran through her; a white devil seeking her surrender.
“You’re wrong!” shout Mandy’s voice.
Thomas cried, “I’m NOT; for once, LISTEN TO ME!”
Amanda’s lips curved downward, “I can’t!” a tear fell, “I don’t wanna It’s too hard!”
Tom said, “You have to and you will. I’m here! I’ll be here for you,”
One more tear fell, “Ok,”
Mandy nodded.
The Nurse nodded, “We’re ready for you,”
Mandy smiled, “Ok”

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