“So, I went,”
“And… it was terrible!”
There was silence.
Judy swallowed, and sighed, “Terrible? Really?”
Sandy nodded, “Ya,” a tear fell, " Uhm.. it was .. they…" bile choked her. She coughed, and unconsciously tapped her bottom lip, “They told me the truth,”
Judy’s jaw went tight. Her cheeks dimpled as she sat intently waiting for a conviction; were the Deeps a mistake, “So?”
“I know what you want, Jude!” Sandra whispered hoarsely, “But I’m not gonna lie… The Deepers were not a mistake; they were grown!”
A well of emotion swelled up like a volcano in Jude’s chest, and tears fell from the corners of her deep brown eyes, “What are you saying; we’re hatched?”
“Grown, more like,” Sandy nodded, “And I’m sorry. I wish I had better news!”
Jude smiled, “It’s alright, girl!” drool leaked from her bottom lip, “We’ll be ok,”
The knife bit across her throat as Sandy stared into Judy’s dark eyes.
Judy giggled, “Woops; another mistake, I guess, right. Isn’t this delicious?!”
Sandy’s darkness took her.

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