Blue Words

The color dripping, etched in every syllable, painting itself in each soundless word. So many vast shades, I longed to learn the language of such abhorrence. Fragrant, in a sense…I could smell its variety. With my hands I could feel its rough edges and hard form; rugged, yet consistency immersing through out.

I had never heard such a thing before, and my ears craved to hear the tones spoken through your eyes, adjusting to the tenors of the tints: sapphire, aqua, steel blue. They were in everything, enveloping your very core.

Slowly, this speech began cushioning my thoughts, wishing I could perfect the linguistics. A very perplexing dialect: so ignorant, I saw it in mourning.

The electricity flying through the air sent shocks down my spine. Though it was an odd sensation, I did not shut my mind to it, I was unable to. Instead, opening my ears I heard agitated murmurs of its bad intentions. I stepped back, now afraid, trying to see it in its entirety.

His eyes spoke of a hatred towards me.

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