Wanting More

Catie stared into Christian’s eyes. They had no classes together. Her relationship with Christian was complicated. She never came to see him so he would come see her more. She was interested in Christian a little bit but had other more desirable options. Out of her top 5 guys she Christian was number 4. (1 being most desirable). Christian was very sweet and had taken her to homecoming even though he couldn’t dance. He was kind of confident but kind of not; But he seriously needed to grow up. As Catie stared into Christians eyes; she realized something.

She couldn’t see his pupils.

As if there were a hole that revealed his soul where his pupils should be she saw the truth.

Christian liked her.

And better yet he had a lot of respect for her. He found her sexually attractive AND liked her personality.

And they barely knew each other

As Catie stared she felt herself being drawn in by his eyes. She had to blink to relieve the pressure.

When she opened her eyes she was in Christian’s arms, kissing him.

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