Illusion at its best

..It was as if I was floating in the direction of the light. The sounds kept getting shriller and I was so scared that my skin may have turned white. I kept saying to myself that I am brave and kept inhaling air and trying not to freak out when suddenly something caught hold of my arm.

I screamed. I was death scared and I was no more brave. I fell into his arms. It was Neil. I was so relieved to see Neil after all the voices and lights out of nowhere. But my relief was only momentary.

Neil took me in his arms but the expression on his face showed no feelings at all. It was numb. It was changing rapidly. I made a wild guess that maybe the light behind me was moving and I turned to face the light. But the light was still there. It had not moved. And now Neil’s hands felt cold on my skin. Their grip was tightening. My blood was freezing and while I turned round to face Neil, he was no more human. He was a blood thirsty demon; a spirit in search of victims…

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