Please, anywhere but home

The colour drained from Katie’s face.

It was getting late, even though the summer sun was still well above the horizon. She was sitting on Charlotte’s bed once more, taking comfort from her friend as Frank told her the last thing she wanted to hear.

“If they think I’m on to them, my family is in great danger. We won’t be able to help you if we have to run.” His voice was sombre, wishing there was another way, “You have to go home tonight. They know you are here and if you vanish, Cylink will be all over us.”

Katie clung hard to Charlotte’s hand but nodded, tears streaking her pale face. “If I go back there, can you get me out? Can you get this out?”

“We can get you to a safe-house. Cylink and your parents won’t be able to find you. Norman is pretty sure we can get it out, but we’ll have to move quickly. Before you ask, your body prevents long-range communication with the device, so they can’t follow you or activate it from orbit.”

“OK,” was all she said.

“We’ll move within the week.”

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