Reality Kills

The ambulance sirens blared as they rushed Alice to the hospital. Eliza and Laura sat in the back with Alice trying to gain control of their emotions. “Why did she jump?! WHY?!!” Eliza cried hardly able to see anything through the tears. Laura put her arm around Eliza and they sobbed. Alice heard them and tried to turn her head towards them. “What happened?” Her voice barely a scratchy whisper. “You jumped off the balcony and fell two stories.” Laura said rubbing Alice’s hand trying to calm her down. “You’re going to be ok, we’re almost at the hospital.” Eliza said. Alice fell into unconciousness again.

Back at the mansion Victoria sat in her room pouting, “Why did Alice have to go and ruin my game.” She threw darts at the pictures of her three friends. One hit alice in the chest , right where her heart is.
“I wish they would all DIE!” She yelled as she threw her pillow at the wall. "Victoria’s father Henry over heard his daughter and and idea formed in his mind. He would make his daughter’s dream come true.

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