He Shouldn't Have Stolen My Shower Sandals

I hung him from the chinup bar of the universal machine in the center of the exercise room using the crossover cables. Stuffed a sweat-rag in his mouth; some of the girls on the cardio machines were getting annoyed by his screaming.

I thought I’d have some fun when I saw he had a nipple ring, but the damn thing ripped out the first time I clipped on a weight. So I went back to working on his ribs with the dumbbells. I find the 20lb to be best for extra punch without tiring my arms out too fast.

The towels wrapped around his hands are already soaked through. I didn’t want him to bleed out too fast, and they were getting really messy after I finished pancaking his fingers one by one in the squat machine stacks. By the time I pulled his arms out of the leg press it looked like he was wearing gloves made of raw pork cut with a chainsaw.

His knees were the most fun. I’m going to giggle about that for a while. Took forever to get the right machine though; I hate going to the gym after work.

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