... Mightier than the Sword

Both men entered brandishing their weapons. The man with the sword stepped on the word trap and all hell broke loose.

Consequences of using the quill Irresponsibly

1) Dimensional Displacement

2) Death

3) Discomfort

4) Violent Elemental Deaths

And the list goes on. When you don’t tell the quill EXACTLY what to do, it does what it wants. The quill is very much like a computer. It’s very smart, often fast but very literal. When he wrote the word trap it went into Emergency Mode, and used possibly lethal measures.

The room was suddenly encased in a sand storm. Storm was sheilded by the quill but the other men were not. The sand proceeded to slice them like cheese in a grater. As the sand literally began to peel away their very bodies Storm was brought to a shocking revelation.

He had killed two men.

And the quill is MUCH MUCH more powerful than he thought.

Storm turned away, tears brimming in his eyes. The screams continued for a few more seconds and then stopped.

He wasn’t in the room anymore.

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