Respect - The bar owners ballad

“Darn right I am lady.” Denver said

“You are so arrogant!” She screamed angrily

The lady moved her hand quickly to slap him but he ducked under the incoming hand catching it with his left and plunged a revolver up to her bosom.

“No one, I don’t care how darn pretty je are is going to steal from my bar! Now git!” Denver yelled at the show-girl

Denver lowered his weapon and walked back behind the bar staring at her.

The bar was silent.

In a huff she walked out.

“Ju shure durn taught dat mayden a leshun.” said the Wanna-be-Cowboy over from the east coast

Denver pointed his hand towards the door.

“If I may say so I think it is time for you to depart.” Denver said un-cowboy-like

The man challenged Denver with an eyebrow as he reached for his holster.

There was a gunshot and the easterner fell to the ground whimpering.

“The darn fool shot ’imself in da foot ma!” a child yelled from outside the bar

The man limped out scowling.

“And a don come back now ye hear me?”

Respect is so hard to earn.

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