I am real, believe me.

Can you see the moon?
Yes, of course you can. But did you ever happen to see the rabbit that lives in there?
I bet you haven’t. People hardly seem to notice me. They think it is some pothole left on my house by some big rock called the meteorite sniff sniff no one seems to believe in my existence sniff sniff.

How do I prove it to you little earthlings? What will change your opinion about me being real?

Should I throw down some carrots at you people? Actually I did but you thought they were meteorite showers and enjoyed them. You still did not notice me sniff sniff.

I also caused the ebbs and surge of the water in the ocean. But you seem to enjoy the waves right? I don’t mind you people enjoying yourselves but will someone give me some credit?

I also tried selective disappearing. Some people can see my whole house while few others in some other corner can see only my drawing room. Some can see my bedroom but few others can see my kitchen. I wonder if anyone can see my washroom giggle giggle

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