First Impressions

Maryweather Hargrave and Suzetta Lynn Caldwell were the best of friends. They met at etiquette lessons at Madame Louroe’s mansion. Maryweather was born into a noble family. Manners were in her blood. Suzetta on the other hand was brought in by a humanitarian noble, Dr. Dizraelia. He tries to help and save as many young children as possible, most of the servants in his mansion are young children that he saved from the streets. Suzetta became a daughter to him and he adopted her, she is the only living heir to the Caldwell fortune if Dr. Dizraelia were to die. Maryweather’s older brother Carter is a close personal friend of the Dr.
At the first day of etiquette lessons Maryweather came in wearing a light pink layered lolita dress with her hair tied in a bow with black mary jane’s on. Suzetta wore a lilac lolita with her hair brushed neatly down her back with white mary jane’s on.
“Sit down.” Madame Louroe said as she glided into the tea room. Maryweather smiled at the girl across from her. Suzetta smiled back.

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