Save Them All

The lab coat would fit tight and white, like the costumed women of her mother’s soap opera. Young and the Restless meets the animals in need. A doggy with a cough, a kitty with a broken leg, a horse who lost the race and just needs reassurance we won’t shoot. The most extraordinary veterinarian that ever ticked tocked down the linoleum hall in spiky heals, to save yet another crippled fuzz ball. The walls of her lab are decorated with drawings of her patients, paintings of nature all signed by her hand, all striking awe into the owners. Her boyfriend is the assistant nurse, just like when she practiced with the Barbies they make out on the operating table for long hours when everyone is gone. It’s better then HBO, it’s better then a book, it’s better then reading examples of the seven deadly sins.
This job is the ticket she needs for her long term goal, which is aquiring so many cats at home that the pee smell ruins the value of their neighborhood. The furry ones are the only ones that make her feel love.

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