I love You

I dragged my feet all day, and the only time I perked up was when I saw Rob’s gorgeous face, waiting for me.

His dark brown, curly hair was a tiny bit long and was a little crazy around his heart shaped face. He had incredible cheekbones. It amazed me, every time, how a guy with such a tan tone could have such rosy cheeks over it. He had long lashes that caught the first few snowflakes over astoundingly bright green eyes. The green shone through the despair I had been feeling all day.

I ran to him and hugged his 6’, rugged frame, not ever wanting to let go. “I missed you all day.” My words were muffled by his leather jacket. Instead of kissing the top my head, like he normally did, he just clung on to me like never before. I didn’t like the way it felt. Almost like he thought it was the last we’d ever share. “I love you.” I whispered. I thought he hadn’t heard, but then he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me away holding me at arm’s length.

His green eyes were serious. “That’s what we need to talk about.”

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