Oh My God

“What the fuck?! You what?” I sprang up from the bench, a cold fist of despair clenching over my once-warm heart.

“I slept with someone.” He said slowly, as if I was the most idiotic person ever. He kept his hands over his head, and I wished he would show me his face, so I would know if he was joking or not. But I knew he wasn’t.

Lissa’s words washed over me again. The fist around my heart clenched tighter.

“you couldn’t even see what was happening.”

Oh my God. Oh my God.

“It was Lissa, wasn’t it?” I whispered stonily, my heavy breathing underlined with the white clouds they produced.

“… yes.” He whispered back, so softly I could barely hear him. But this time I knew what he had said. I wouldn’t be fooled anymore.

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