What You Want

“Becky- don’t! Please, you’re making this harder for me.”

“Harder for you? What? How does that make sense?” I placed my hands on my hips defiantly, staring him straight in his eyes. God, it made me sick how gorgeous they are. Why did they have to be so gorgeous?

“Rebecca, please. Please. I need to tell you this. Because… because with Liss, it’s different. I… I think I love her, Bec.” He glanced up at me, and his look surprised me. He looked… pleading. Sickly hopeful.

“Yeah, well, you thought you loved me too. You told me so. And, stupid me, I believed you. And now you just want me to forgive you? Forget it!”

“No- no, Rebecca, I… I wouldn’t ask that of you. I… I just want…” His eyes dropped to his shoes. “I just want to see you happy.”

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