Because I Love You...

After knocking on Alexander’s door, I quickly checked my make-up in my little mirror that I carry in my purse for times like this. I saw the door open in the mirror, but there wasn’t anyone there.
I turned around, stuffing the mirror in my purse as I turned. Alexander was there, holding the door and smiling. There wasn’t anyway that he could’ve came to hold the door in the time it took me to turn around.
There was only one thing that explains it. My secret dream was true. I’m dating a vampire! Alexander was my prince of the night!
The next night, I ran as fast as I could to his place. But when I got there, no one was there. The house was silent and dark. I circled the house, hoping that he would be in the backyard. He wasn’t.
I quickly searched the inside. No Alexander. Not even his butler Johnson. I started to cry. He left.
I went outside, and noticed a loose brick in the fence wall. As I grabbed it to put it back in, it fell. I saw a folded piece of paper. I took it and read it.
Because I love you

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