Status: Infected (2)

Lauren gave her a look that was complete shock. How could she speak to a Shepherd like that!? She knew what they could do to her! If he wanted, he could take her right now to the county jail were she would wait for “placement transportation.” They were called “Shepherds” for a reason; that’s what they did. They herded all the Infected to camps, like slaves or jews; like sheep. If he wanted, he could kill Jenna right now and no one would think twice about it.

“Even bloodsuckers, eh?” he snarled back, grabbing Jenna roughly by her collar. “Then let me give you an education you can use wherever you go.”

“No, please, sir!” Lauren begged him, “Let her go! Please, she’s just got a stomach ache, she’s in pain, she didn’t mean it! She’s sorry for offending you,”

“Oh no offense taken,” the Shepherd smirked evilly.

“No stomach ache here,” Jenna parried. The Shepherd pushed her against the nearest building. Jenna clenched her jaw and held back a yelp of pain, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing it.

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